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"Wrong Things" is an intoxicating house track that strikes a chord with listeners through its intriguing exploration of the complexities of love. Set in the rhythmically invigorating key of G Major, at a pace of 128 BPM, the song immerses its audience in a sea of pulsating beats and heartrending emotions, making for a captivating auditory experience.


The song's male vocalist masterfully communicates the nuances of this emotional turmoil, balancing melancholic lyrics with the pulsating rhythm, reminiscent of artists like David Guetta and Kygo. It skillfully blends the emotional depth of ballads with the energy of house music, creating a sound that is at once moving and danceable.


"Wrong Things" narrates the tale of a love that is paradoxically beautiful and dangerous, using striking imagery to convey the dual nature of passion. Lyrics such as "Love is the monster could do you harm" and "Look in my eyes, yeah, tell me all the wrong things," invite listeners into a narrative that is as compelling as it is poignant.


Throughout the song, the listeners journey through the labyrinth of emotions, led by a voice that is as "light as a dancer" yet carries the weight of unspoken truths and emotional burdens. The repetitive motif "tell me all the wrong things" echoes the protagonist's longing for authenticity, even if it brings pain.


"Wrong Things" is a testament to the transformative power of music in exploring and expressing the multifaceted nature of human emotions. Its compelling narrative and immersive sound would make it a valuable addition to your project, providing your audience with a poignant, thought-provoking experience that will leave them reflecting long after the song ends.

Wrong Things

  • Vocal Level Elite
    Featured Artist Yes
    Customization Free
    Genre House, Pop
    Key G Major
    BPM 128
    Lyrical Theme Love, Honesty, Vulnerability, and Authenticity.
    Track Duration 2:30


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